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Easy to Personalize with Adjustable Back Curve 
With the back curve adjustment, Sylphy accommodates any body type. By pulling down the levers on both sides of the seat back, the curve becomes gentler to fit a large build. Pulling the levers up creates a narrow curve to support a smaller build. 

Designed to Flex 
Sylphy achieved with a unique double-structured frame joined together by minimal touchpoints. This slightly flex allows the user to stretch and move while maintaining a healthy S-curve of the spine - a more comfortable and natural posture. 

Multiple Density Cushion 
Utilizing three types of urethane foam, of varying firmness layered together, to promote healthy sitting. The cushion provides softer support at the front of the seat, reducing pressure on the thighs for improved circulation; denser cushioning at the back firmly supports the hips for stability and improved posture. 

Reclining Tension Adjustment 
Adjustment knob allows you to precisely control recline resistance. The strength of resistance can be adjusted from maximum to minimum tension with just two full twists of the adjustment knob—always with ankle-tilt synchro-recline. 

Ankle-Tilt Reclining 
The Recline and Tilt Lock dial allows you to lock Sylphy in recline of up to 23° or forward tilt 10°. An ankle-tilt mechanism enables anyone to find their most comfortable reclining position. Using the ankle as a pivot point, this mechanism moves in sync with the seat, for greater support - stimulating variation in posture and relaxation, with uninterrupted comfort. 

Sylphy - Cushion backrest with Fixed Headrest (Interlock)

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