Why do you need a Height Adjustable Desk at home office?

You may have heard this saying “sitting is the new smoking”. Some believe that sitting for prolonged periods of time will have a greater risk of back pain, shoulder pain, diabetes, and other health problems. That’s why it is important to change posture for health! With a height adjustable desk, you can adjust the desk height according to the task.

In cooperation with Ohara Memorial Institute of Science of Labour, Okamura conducted joint experiment that demonstrate the effects of the posture on the human body. The results of the tests conclude that alternating postures yields several health benefits and increases concentration.

Alternation work postures reduces stress on the body

Participants in the experiment who alternated between sitting and standing while using their PC showed a lower degree of fatigue than those who maintained a single posture. Switching postures spreads the load on the body and mitigates fatigue.

Alternating work postures reduces leg swelling

The circumference of the calf after working increased the least for those who alternated between sitting and standing. The calves of those who maintained a single posture showed greater swelling.

Adding a standing posture reduces sleepiness

The experiment revealed that maintaining a seated posture caused the highest levels of sleepiness, hindering concentration and efficiency. Adding a standing posture can curb these effects, boosting energy and concentration.

Adding a standing posture reduces back pain

Results revealed that rather than staying seated for two hours, standing up 10-40 minutes per hour helped further reduce subjective lower back pain. To ease the back pain, it is important to adopt a standing posture habitually and frequently.

*The above experiments were all compared 120 minutes after starting work.