8 Steps to Maintain Ideal Posture with Okamura’s Ergonomic Chairs

Okamura Ergonomic Chair

Okamura’s office chairs provide ergonomic design that support your body, maintaining a healthy S-curve of the spine - a more comfortable and natural posture. It’s important to know how to adjust your ergonomic chair to fit the body.

1. Adjust the seat depth so about two fingers can fit between the back of your calf and the seat edge.

2. Adjust the seat height so that the soles of the feet can touch the floor, even if the feet move backwards and forwards.

3. Place your hips against the backrest

4. According to your arm length and task, adjust the armrests.

5. Rest the arms on the adjustable armrest to reduce burden

6. Align to the S-curve of the spine using lumbar support

7. Adhere to posture changes

8. Use “Ankle Tilt Reclining” to follow your body movements.

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